The Orb, the robotic ball
The Orb
My oldest project;
The Orb, the remote controlled ball invented in 1987.
It is now used in the (formed in late 2004) high-tech company Rotundus AB (Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden), as a revolutionary security (surveillance and inspection) robot - The Groundbot.

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Pics Art, with 3D and 2D graphics as speciality
Pics Art
My former own company - Pics Art
I started Pics Art in 1997, and it was active until 2004.
I worked with 2D and 3D graphics (manipulations, layout, modelling, rendering, animations, etc.) and homepages.

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The first homepage of Per Samuelsson
Per Samuelsson's first homepage
My very first homepage from 1996
100% made on my old Amiga 1200 (from 1992),
with a TV as a monitor.
A little bit retro..

Most links on this page is outdated,
but the gallery is working.

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