Welcome to my Homepage!

My name is Per Samuelsson, and I am 24 years old.
I live in Sweden, in a small town called Mariestad.
Mariestad is located in Skaraborg, which is located between
Sweden's two biggest lakes, Vänern and Vättern.
My main hobbies are my Amigas, my SAAB 900 Turbo, etc.
My Amiga 1200 is equipped with a 32MB Blizzard 1260,
with a fast scsi 2 card. It is upclocked to 64 mhz.
I also have a PC, a Pentium 187 with 64 megs.
They are "networked" with the Am2PC shareware software,
and a laplink cable. My latest computer is a
Amiga 4000 Tower, with a power-pc "PowerUp"
board (a PowerPC 604e and a Motorola 68060.)
I will also get the Cybervision PPC (permedia2),
a special graphics card for the Cyberstorm PPC-card.

I work with computer graphics in my own company, Pics Art.
I'm working on graphics for internet, tv, print, etc.
If you want some graphics done, just contact me.
I'm waiting for the new Amiga

This page is 100% made on my Amiga 1200

(including all graphics & animations)

Feel free to contact me at: info@picsart.net

Starting Point
CNN Interactive
Philip's Star Wars Pictures etc.
Xenon Labs: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)

About computers
Aminet, the biggest pd/sw archive on internet
Gateway2000, The new owner of Amiga
Syscom, A swedish Amiga shop
QNX, The Amiga OS partner
Amiga Org. (News etc.)
Amiga International
LightWave 3D
Amiga Web

Johan, Skövde Sweden
Fredrik, Lynchburg USA
Nicklas, Uppsala Sweden
Camilla, Karlsborg Sweden
Nisse, Karlsborg Sweden
Dave, South Wales UK

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