Pictures, 3D-animations and movies..

A ball with solar-panels in the shell.
The same as above, but transparent to show the interior.
An illustration over Luna Resort, the Swedish house on the moon, together with one of the spherical robots in the foreground.
A prototype, 30 cm in diam.
The first shell Rotundus used (left) with a diam. of 45 cm and my first shell (to the right) I made, diam. 17 cm.
A picture from my 3D-animation, when accelerating to the right.
3D-animated movies.

VCD quality (mpg), 3.5 mb

DVD quality (mpg2), 13 mb

HD quality (720p, mp4), 6 mb
A movieclip where I drive a prototype.
This shell is the one that became the shell for the first prototype at the company Rotundus AB
(The one that is on the "New Scientist" article etc.)
(wmv), 1.6 mb

All of the pictures/photos/anims are made by Per Samuelsson.
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